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I believe many of us procrastinate on doing something because we know that doing a task at hand will not be a pleasurable experience. There are many layers to this, but sometime it comes down to not having the correct tool for the job.

If you need to shovel snow and your shovel is holding onto its dear life with one screw holding the handle in place, you know that you’ll have a terrible time coming up soon. When you are charging your phone with a cable that has a short in it, you live with constant annoyance … well, it’s not fun. There are many small things that you can improve that can make your day go smoother and, you guessed it, more fun. We still have (and, should) do things that are hard, but having the right tools allow you to conquer the task versus being sidetracked by annoyance.

Now, many people out there are accessorizers. That’s my own term. By that I mean that they can’t seem to do anything unless they have the best and every gadget for everything. They can’t practice guitar unless they have the best pedals, or they can’t throw a basketball around unless they have the right shoes and a new ball. Don’t do that. You just need things that work properly and that make your life more enjoyable. If your days are more fun, then your weeks are better and before you know it, you had a great month. Eventually, you will catch yourself having a better time at life.