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When I have to prepare a new lesson for one of my numerous guitar students, sometimes I sit down at my desk and I am not quiet sure what I want to do. As my mind goes blank, I know it’s not a bid deal as I understand that this is just a step in a process.

What I do then is write the student’s name and the date at top of the page and go do something else. I do this for 2 reasons. First – writing the name and date allows me to actually start the process, even if it is with a very simple task. Second – it signals my brain that it needs to come up with an answer as to what to do next. This is why I do something else in the meantime. I let my brain spin the wheels and see what it comes up with; sometimes it’s just a clue and sometimes it’s a complete lesson. I always find a solution for what I want the lesson to be about using this process.

Sometimes planting a stake in any of your projects is indeed the first simple, but necessary step to making it a reality.