What Is The True Hidden Secret Of A Metronome?

The metronome conversation comes up often with my students and I always do mention to them that I have used the metronome myself a lot – especially in my major woodshedding/college days.

But, I have to say that I think many guitarists think of a metronome not in full light. What I mean by that is that most think of a metronome as a speed building tool. And, yes it can be that, too. But, it is actually something even more important.

The real secret of the metronome is that it also a SLOOOW Down tool! Yep, the strength of it is not what most associate metronomes with.

How it works.

If I have a guitar phrase that I know I can perform more cleanly and in time, I can take my metronome and choose a click tempo that is where I sort of play the lick. I get this in a ballpark. Then, I slow it down considerably and I make sure that I understand where every note lays. This way there are no surprises whatsoever when I play my lick up to tempo. I burn in the notes slow, feeling that slow tempo, working through all my finger position changes, going over and over while getting to understand what I am playing 100% percent. This is how you play anything lightning fast with conviction because you can also play it slow perfectly. Playing something slower than you are comfortable with prepares you for faster takes later.

Remember: Slow To Smooth, Smooth To Fast.

So, just remember this lesson because it’s a good one.