As we head into 2020, I wantto share something with you, which I hope will prove a little helpful. I know realizing this on my own end helped me put stuff in perspective.

Truth is – we are never ready for the next thing that can prove beneficial and door opening for us. If we “were” 100% ready, the “next” thing would not be a big thing at all, you see?

In any big thing that happened to me, I always felt that I needed to stretch my abilities to get there. When joining Halford, I knew that it was the 1st time that I started playing music with true professional players, several of them like Bobby J. or Roy Z. have already done major label albums and have toured the world. I had to step up and learn – a lot. I put in countless hours sweating riffs, working on accents that seemed to be easy for everyone else, or working things out because in my mind – I was always behind.

When asked to join Testament I was also not 100% percent if I was ready. I could play the solos, but the intense rhythm work in the band was beyond what I ever did. Again, I stepped up and spent about 8 hours every day for 4 months prepping and in the end, the experience has brought up my playing to another level.

With Guitar World’s Metal For Life column I thought that I knew enough “stuff” for maybe 4 columns? I ended up doing nearly 5 years of monthly lessons. I had to dig deep, learn new things, categorize what I knew and did not know.

Anything, and I mean “anything” that I ever did that had some sort of a timeline stamp of importance, I had to stretch my abilities to reach it.

I mean, does anyone feel that they are really ready to record their first album? You grab an opportunity and go for it with excitement. Figure out stuff as you go along. And, hopefully get it better the next time around. I recorded my 1st album on a shoestring budget while delivering pizza, but it was enough for the Metal God to hear and to give me a shot.

The Trick is THIS: This is where REAL Happines and Fullfillment lies. As humans, we have to progress. We were designed for it. And pushing ourselves to that excitement area, even though we have to set up, is the only way to do it.

It is important not to stop taking these outside steps. As we get little older, it can seem to be harder to do this. Because now we have responsibilities, mortage, crap we aquired to take care off, etc. But, just thinking out loud – keep above in mind.

And, remember, that you might never feel ready to jam with a drummer, a band, or whatever, but this is were Courage comes in b/c Courage is doing something although although you have Fear. It doesn’t happen to only you, but to everyone, including myself.

So, step into 2020 with some new stuff to prove! There might be some opportunities for you right now that you are considering.

As they say fortune favors the bold, and that I also find true. You’ll see stuff align for you when taking steps. It always did for me and I’m not different than anyone else b/c I go through the same exact process.