Remember, when we used to talk about the internet as Information Superhighway? I started to think about this and how the internet has changed many things for us and how it applies to guitar in particular.

Remember in the 80’s when everyone wondered what kind of amp did George Lynch really use live or how a certain lick was played or how two handed tapping was done? With the invention of the internet we get access to all the information we would ever want. On You Tube alone you can find countless tutorials on what amps everyone is usings, people’s live rigs gone piece by piece, how to play songs, how to use licks as they apply to theory.

What has happened is that information has leveled out and is accessible to anyone at any point.

The ONLY and I mean only thing that will now separate guitar players from each other is not having some sort of secret passage to theory or a know how – but, the APPLICATION of it all. Application = Practice.

It’s no longer about having access to special info. Everyone has that.

The application, practice and dedication to putting this available information in real life is now what solely separates guitarists from great to the rest.