Okay, what do I mean? Well, the above is something to keep in mind as you are attempting to do something that seems difficult or at the time overwhelming.

Let’s look at guitar playing and how it applies to the above header.

Lots of people who read this blog have a talent at playing the guitar. I believe that talent is what nudges you to try something, to develop an interest in something you find cool. When people ask me if they have any talent for playing guitar, I say probably yes. If they are very interested in playing, then I believe that they have at least some basic talent in them. They might not be Steve Vai, but they can enjoy learning and playing the guitar. Or, they might find out that they really do have a thing for playing an instrument. Truth is – you will never, ever know – unless, you give it a true shot.

If you were, just for example, able to learn 1 scale fingering in E minor, then you are 100% able to learn all of the scale fingerings available for that key as well.

It is not a matter “if you can” but rather “am I willing to put in the repetitions recessary” to learn the patterns. Guitar is like that. If you are able to learn 1 hot guitar lick – you are 100% capable of learning a 100. It just comes down to committment, repetition, putting the time in and nothing else.

It is just like learning to walk one step. With repeating the same effort 3x again, you would have walked 4 steps.

It is important to remember the above saying when you wonder, question your ability to learn new ideas and master them.

Remember: If you had “enough” ability to learn “some” of it; you have the ability to learn all of it. Stick with it.