Hey musicians! Are you in the habit of announcing your projects and then not finishing what you set out to do or promised?

We all go through this. We get excited about an idea or a project and want to share it with the whole entire world. And, definitely, I have been guilty of this myself.

What I found out, mostly by reading about it, is that our human brain almost gets a morphine like drip of satisfaction when we announce something. It feels good.

The issue is what happens next.

Because of the feel good moment when we announced something of what we were going to do, out initial fire of that inspiration gets a little extinguished. We realize at that time that hard work and problem solving comes next. So, we go to another idea and get the morphine drip. Get my point?

Here’s a tip. Save the announcement until you are ready to roll out your idea in the flesh. This is not always applicable, when you are making an album and want your fans to go along for a ride, etc. However, in many cases it is wise not to announce until you have something tangible to show.

There was a time when I was writing more press releases then “doing.” And, rethinking my approach to the above has truly changed the way I do things now.