I really enjoy computers and the internet age. Some of it frustrates me, of course. I was not born into all of this “stuff.” For those of you older than 24 you know what I’m talking about – e-mail, social media, blogging, websites, new business models. Can I just please just play the guitar? No? Ok. So, you learn and get on with it. Same way we learned how to drive a car or raise a child. We figured it out. After a while, this is no different than changing oil in your car. It is something you do. My real saving grace is that I really enjoy being able to communicate and reach many people through the internet.

However, this online based connectivity is a dark turn for many musicians.

Remember this: money and opportunities flow through people.

Many musicians out there think that they can hide behind a keyboard, send tens of e-mails or newsletters and never leave their house to the place that the strongest connections take place – the real world.

I’m not saying that communicating via e-mail is not important, because it is. However, it is not enough. It is certainly not enough without face to face contact.

What hurts musicians and artists in general in this is that let’s face it – most of “us” would love to stay in and work on whatever is occupying our mind and clicking on the switch to go out and socialize is painful.

But, as an important lesson, please remember that it is essential. You must develop your skills and the more you chisel them out, the more you’ll enjoy staying in touch with the people you find interesting. Through real connections … interesting projects and opportunities will flow.

I find it absolutely best to make 1 heartfelt connection versus 1000 nice to meet you acquaintances. Keep that in mind. It is quality versus quantity. In the age of what can feel like an impersonal world, real connections feel better than ever before. Use that to your advantage. It is hard to succeed as a musician if you dislike talking to people. And if you truly do, work on that skill because it is essential for a career.