You know that feeling where you have so much going on that you don’t know where to put your hands first? Yeah, we all do.

I find it very useful to get stuff out of my head and onto a paper. Want to get some things done over the weekend? Write them out on Friday. For whatever reason, when we see things written down, our brains assume them important and less breakable. This just steers your mind into a direction we need. In an odd way, you don’t even need to go over your “list” over the weekend, just the process of writing things you want to do makes them so much more probable to get done.

Side note about stuff “written in”. Did you ever buy a car and a dealer takes out the purchase agreement and you see a “Document and Paperwork Fee” already printed onto the document? This happens for a reason. Buyers are less likely to argue something that is already in print. Dealer fee is a way for the company to pay for the clerks in the back that are an expense for them. Clerks do not sell, but someone has to file stuff, so you guessed it – you are asked to pay for it. This is also one of the reasons why contractors like to give you quotes in writing and not verbally – you’re less likely to negotiate. That is, if you are not privy to the info above.

Write it down.