And, we are in 2021. What’s in a New Year? After all, our days continue, but the numbers on the calendar change. Exactly right. It is a reminder that 2020 is done, over with, good bye. It is time to pack up your green holiday stuff around the house, put in the basement or attic, and get your action right for 2021.

I prepared a little exercise for you. This is important. And, I really suggest you check it out.

I want you guys to get a single blank piece of paper, get a marker or a pen and write down 4 things you want to get done with your guitar playing this year. Of course, this can apply to any instrument. Be realistic. Give me items that contain a little stretch where it will take work, but ones that will give you a chance to accomplish them. I’ll give you a hint, for guitarists, one of them should be mastering notes on the fretboard. Then, what else? Write a song and put it on Spotify? Jam with a drummer at least 4 times? Learn all the Randy Rhoads modes so you can play them in your sleep?

And, lastly I want you to write down 3 things (or, a sentence) as to why you started to play the guitar in the first place? Was it because it made you feel good? Was it because it gave you a sense of doing something cool, or important with your time? Was it because you were able to find friends and others who “got” what you were about? There definitely are reasons as to why you strarted playing. What are they?

It is important to realign with your original mission as to why you started playing the instrument in the first place. Maybe you are doing it still doing it for the same reasons, or maybe the reasons have changed or drifted away? If you started to play as a way to relax after a long day at work and you still enjoy playing the guitar every night for a half hour, then maybe, you are still accomplishing your original goals. New licks will always challenge you, but knowing that you are doing what you originally set out to do will put things in perspective. And, probably enable you to learn new licks and techniques easier, too. There are many other benefits to doing this exercise.

And, yep, I do the same thing as well. I have a white board in my office where I plan out stuff. It really helps.