Here are some thoughts to consider. One thing I found out by examining the best guitarists that I know is that they all seem to love learning things on the guitar. They love the entire process of playing, learning things, getting better. They find joy in playing at whatever level they are at right now, while knowing that there is some room for improvement.

Many players I know get impatient with learning and they often are asking why it’s taking so long for them to get a part down, or they anxiously wait until they get to a goal.

The process itself to the goal is built on and filled with frustration. You do that for a couple of years – and, guitar playing sucks. That is not the way to approach it.

So, ask yourself whether you are intrigued by playing and do you really enjoy having the guitar in your hands, do you like the whole guitar universe … but, not only when it comes to gear. Buying gear is too easy. For gear, you give money and get a positive boost for a few days. This is why new gear gets old fast and something learned that’s new on the guitar stays with you forever.

I think you need to accept the fact that you will never “arrive” and will always be a student of the guitar. A much better student as years go by, mind you. Well, if you put in the work. Those are important ideas to keep in mind for you. Do you like the process and love the guitar, or do we want to get to a goal, so we can get something else from it?