I would share with you a system I use to organize some of the projects I might be working on.

I found it too difficult to keep all of the things I have to do in my playing, work and personal life in my brain only. And, we are not great at remembering if we let go of something or did not work on something enough.

So, for the past few years I have been keeping a simple color folder for each project that I am working on. One folder might be called “House”, another “Guitar Retreat 2019”, etc. In each folder, I keep track of what I need to do, what I already finished and I keep my ideas in there. I don’t have dozens of these. This year, I have one for each of my live shows where I keep van rental info in, set lists, hotels reservations, check xeroxes that went out and came in. I have one for my Summer Camp, Guitar Retreat, etc. I often have one for the House and any improvements that I have going on. This system really helps me unclog my brain because it’s already cluttered there sometimes.

Additional plus of this.

The folders also allow me to say that today I want to spend 30 mins on guitar retreat organzation and 30 mins on the show in December. And, I open the sucker up and I start working. Then after my time is up, I close it and open up another project folder. It took me a while to graduate to switch from a project to project like that and put down items that I might not have yet finished. But, just the idea of having things in compartment such as a folder allowed me to keep track of things very well. What is good is also the fact that I can pull up my folder from any year for a project such as a guitar retreat and see what I did then as far as schedule, who was there, the food that was purchased, etc. I can see what I did last year, what my expenses were. This gives me a great starting point for the current year’s folder without having to start the entire process all over again. It saves time, gives you a step up. Inside each folder, I leave notes for myself, ideas. It’s cool, I really can’t see doing this other ways. I might also be a little old school and I don’t work well with keeping everything on a computer screen without physically using a pen to get info down.