“Long term consistency trumps short term intensity” …

This is a great quote by Bruce Lee that I want to share with you in our blog today. I use thinking of this effect to sometimes motivate myself out of not feeling like practicing guitar, music, whatever. It does not happen often, but every once in a while it does. This funk happens to every single human being on the planet. The trick is to have a system to help you combat when this season strikes.

I think many musicians await until they are inspired to put in a lot of practice time in and they do just that; they play a lot over some days or weeks or even months and then they are off the wagon hardly touching the instrument.

To a performance described above I always prefer to live by the Bruce Lee quote instead. Do something small with the instrument today and do it again without taking time off. It’s like a constant deposit into the piggy bank weeks after weeks, year after year – it adds up.

Here is the second part of this, as I mentioned before – inspiration follows perspiration. In short, once you have the guitar (or any instrument) in your hands for a few minutes you’ll often get the inspirational spark and you’ll stay playing for a while and you will put in the necessary time. It works hand in hand. First action, then inspiration.

I hope this helps!