Guitar playing is a Winter sport. I say that as it is easy to stay indoors while the evenings are long and the weather is cold. Once the warm months arrive, many players trade their instruments for beach flip flops. I, however always used the Summer months as opportunities to put in extra work while my guitar playing friends were at the beach partying.

For whatever reason, I always had guitar playing friends who were more advanced than me and who played guitar way longer that I did. And, in turn, I did anything I could to catch up and try to surpass them. And, the warm days were my secret weapon. I used these days to catch up and get better.

When school finished and everyone went their separate ways for the Summer break, I went straight to the basement ready to play the guitar all day long. Once school started many of my friends were no longer better guitarists.

Remember this tip and I hope it does great things for you.