Very recently I was detailing my car. Detailing cars in a hobby of mine and it aligns nicely with the fact that I dislike dirty, unkept cars, guitars or anything else for that matter.

When I bought my car, the bumper had a small white smidge on it and I tried to clean it couple times in the last few years with no success. I accepted it as something that just is, was always there and it’s just a part of what my car looks like. I did not like it, but after a while it longer seemed out of place.

Until recently …

During my pre-Winter car detail, I decided to use a different product all together to get rid of the smidge and behold – it worked! My bumper is super clean now making the entire car just that much better.

This made me think of what other things can be eliminated that we believe/have accepted are there to stay because they have “always” been there. This is an interesting lesson in changing things that no longer have to take part of your reality just because they have been in it since the beginning or at least for a very long time.

Remember, you can change many situations by finding the ingredient that was missing in order for you to facilitate the chance.

Horns Up.