Today, I want to stress the importance of recording yourself in order to speed-up your guitar progress.

Guys, I can not stress enough how important it is to record yourself on video (or, even audio) and what listening back to yourself does to your playing.

The thing is that no-one has to pin point many of the mistakes, since you know yourself what can be improved. This constant checking-in with your playing really accelerates your progress.

I always say it is like leaving the house without looking into the mirror, brushing your hair in the dark & picking your clothes blindly. After you see yourself in the mirror – you go wow! Little improvement might be needed. And, I can only say this because I’ve been there, too often as I matter of fact.

One thing I believe that helped me get better quick is that I was making music demos from very early on. I did not wait til I felt good enough. I just did it. They were demos to show my songs and with each one, I got better because I learned. Even with musicians, you can see the progress from their debut album on. It works like that with the guitar.

Whie we play the guitar it is very hard to judge your progress from day to day. But, when you look back at a video from 3 months ago, you can really see if you have improved or not. This is very helpful. I would say it’s essential. You see where you are yourself. Have you improved? No? When you see improvement – it’s super encouraging to keep going. Great plus.

Eventually, you come to the place when you realize that it is hard to master the guitar while mastering how to record it, so it sounds good. You get to know your instrument so well when recording it for real.

Also, my last point. To master something does not necesarrily mean to become the ultimate jedi master of it. It means to be able to recall something quick. Even when you master something and think you are the jedi master; there are always another levels to getting something down even better.

So, think about it and hope it helps.