Today, I would like to write about a topic that I find very interesting – our dreams. And, for the sake of clarity, I am not referring to a dream that happens to you while you are asleep, although I am not excluding it from our subject altogether.

I am talking about the dreams that we sigh to ourselves that one day we would love to do, the one days, the wouldn’t that be cool to do dreams.

It is my belief that these dreams find you for the reason and that reason is that you are capable of achieving them. These dreams are your beacons of what you are capable of. In short, you wouldn’t have these dreams and deep desires if they were outside of your reach.

This is similiar to a particular talent nudging you to try to play the guitar, paint, design or whatever it might be. We develop interests in a subject and this is very often a clue of might be a good fit for us to go after. So, if someone writes me and asks if playing the guitar at the age of 40 is a good idea for them, I always tell them that if they have an interest in playing, then I’d encourage them to try. Simple as that.

So, while many think a dream is just that – something we fantasize about and leave in the distant, I would like to urge you to look at them as a nudge of possibility.

Is everything we think of achieveble? Well, honestly, I don’t know. Probly not. However, with planning, desire, execution and committment,  a whole lot can indeed be achieved. A lot more than we give ourselves credit for. Perhaps some things are out of reach and if so – so what. I want to make the point, most importantly, that you should understand that dreams are more than just merely being fantasies; they are the first starting point for your actions.

They are given to you for a reason. They are given to you so you can act on them.

Just listen to the above and take it as you wish.