What is aggressive patience?

Let’s apply this to getting better on your instrument. In short, this unofficial term means staying focused while chipping away at the stone and not expecting the returns on your work to happen overnight.

Let’s face it, as humans, we are pretty impatient. We want everything today. But, this is not a way to approach getting better on your instrument or anything else.

Be patient while constantly chiseling away at practice, new techniques or whatever else. It takes belief and faith in that things will eventually happen, which is also a great thing to have in your arsenal. It’s the compounded work over the months (or, even years depending on what you are trying to do) that eventually brings success.

When you are too close to it – it is hard to gauge progress. If you think think this happened differently to Steve Vai, Zakk or Dimebag you are mistaken.

Keep going. \m/ \m/