As the world we live in extracts new technologies that often speed up the pace we can do something, it is important not to lose track that some things take time. Some things do not happen overnight and it cannot be otherwise.

What does it mean to master something? To master something is being able to call on something to produce a result in a quick manner. If you have mastered the spelling of a word you don’t have to think what letters make it up.

However, to master something it takes time.

Where I am going with this? Although we can Google almost anything instantly or skip the supermarket and have the food delivered to your door, to get great on your instrument it will take some time. I often play a lick to my guitar students after which they often ask me how did I do that? My best and honest answer is that I have practiced this particular or similar licks for 5 years before playing it to them. I might be exaggerating a little here, but you get my point. So, although I can break down the techniques and ideas that make the lick great, the student will not be able to recall it as well as I do – unless, they put in the time and diligence to make a great progress.

This is a quick and general reminder to stay patient while getting better at your playing.