What is DVDnitus? Well, it’s my own term, obviously.

Here’s where I’m getting at – I see students of the guitar (and other instruments) get caught up in always buying a new book, new DVD, Blu Ray, etc in order to learn something new.

Come on, raise your hand if that is you. We are all or have been there.

This can be good, but many players and I mean MANY don’t even scratch the surface of what each product has to offer before they get “bored” and move onto another one.

Once the initial high of something new wears off and we have to put in work to get something deeper out out it – we guitar players get bored. How about that!

In a way we are addicted to getting something new for that initial spark of new info and then it’s all over. We move onto something else – another DVD, lesson plan, etc.

Think about it. Don’t become an information junkie. In order for the information to work you have to put it in real use. Get the most out everything you have.