In today’s blog I want to touch on an idea that I learned to be true and can definitely be applied to guitar playing.

As humans we often have 2 internal voices. One that wants to do something and the other one that comes up with excuses as to why we shouldn’t do it. You know the routine. You’re tired, not enough time, etc.

This applies in everything we do in life, but for today’s example, I’ll just stick to it as far as it applies to the guitar.

Often, we know we should play the guitar but then the battle starts as to why we could do it later. At this moment, hopefully you are naturally inspired to play often and that is great. However, there will be a time when the enthusiasm will dip and the info here is helpful. It happens to everyone, even professionals.

Let me share with you 2 great things to remember.

1) What I found out that we sometimes can NOT wait until an inspiration takes over for us to play or do a task.

2) I also found out that when we take action to do a task and stay with it for a few minutes an inspiration to keep doing it kicks in on its own and finds US. We simply must know to take action first and let the inspiration kick in shortly. It happens all the time. We might not feel like gong to the gym, but once we are there usually we end up doing what is necessary to finish the trip successfully.

Remember the car battery? Well, practicing the guitar is also similar to starting the car. The car takes the most juice out of the battery right when it starts and this is same with the guitar when you don’t feel like playing. But, after you pick up the guitar, plug in and play a few licks – you usually stay with it for a long while.

Studies show that we need about 15-25 minutes of doing something until we get into a creative zone where time dissapears. You know what I’m talking about.

Keep these simple but true ideas handy for when you will need it. Horns up!