I want to share another quick tip with you and this one has to do with extending the life of your guitar strings.

Ok, I must admit that sometimes I’m not a fan of changing guitar strings. Not that it takes too long, but I’d rather be playing them then changing them. I’m sure you might agree.

What I found out is that after I finish playing the guitar – I lightly spray some guitar cleaning polish or something like Pledge on the strings and wipe of the sweat from playing. Do this also underneath the string as well. What kills the strings quickly is the toxins and rust that forms on them from being wet after you are done playing. This trick keeps the strings lightly worn in, which gives them a nice warm tone while extending their life. So, spray and wipe after you are done and it’s a simple as that.

I know many (most?) players don’t wipe their strings down. Now, you can use this info in your metal guitar ninja tool-box. Check it out for yourself.

Interesting Note: Years back guitarists used to boil their strings. Yep, you got that right … they would take the strings off, boil them in hot water for a while and put them back on. The strings would sound bright and like new again, but would break easily!